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Why ‘Campfire Notebook’?

I heard a saying at a conference in 2018 that, in order to create meaningful and lasting change, we need to “sit together in the fire”. It means that we need to be open to feeling discomfort in our conversations in order to truly have honest dialogue and address the underlying issues.

As a person who trained in and works in health research, but loves science in general, my posts tend to center around one or more of the following:

  • Advocacy for research as healthcare.

  • What is science, and how we can do more to engage people in science.

  • Disrupting the status quo to permit more relationship-centered research and care.

  • Women in science, and how that’s still an uphill battle.

  • The practice of creativity (e.g., writing, making art), and how people creatively express scientific concepts and make science more accessible and democratic.

And, GIFs. (It’s my third language.)

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I’ve also created a companion Pinterest page, where you can check out more ways to share science through word, art and baked good.

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Bryn Robinson
engagement and sharing knowledge for a healthcare network. Honorary research associate and PhD with a university psychology department. Honorable mention in third grade science fair, when I built a miniature greenhouse out of plastic wrap. she/her.